We manufacture products that Make a Statement

Indian Ceramic House was established in 1955 by Mr. O.P Agarwal when he emigrated from England to India. He chose Agra as his base to capture the Liquid Gold market in Firozabad that consumed over 150 kilograms of liquid gold per day for the thriving glass bangle industry. We were the sole suppliers of precious colours to numerous glass manufacturers and continued to do so for at least two decades. It wasn’t until Sunil Agarwal, our current CEO & Managing Partner joined the business in 1981 that Indian Ceramic House started diversifying its product portfolio for porcelain, glass and tiles.

Today, Indian Ceramic House stands as a pioneer in chemical technology, serving clients across continents and constantly evolving to adapt to consumer trends and market requirements. At Indian Ceramic House - we believe in building relationships. We promote camaraderie and breed a collaborative work culture, which has enabled us to retain quality talent as well as build long lasting relationships with our clients.


1957 Made the iconic SUN Brand Liquid
Gold for Bone China

1990 Employed European consultants
to help diversity the business

1995 Added our first export

2015 Samridh joined
the business

1955 Founded by
Mr. O.P Agarwal

1981 Sunil Agarwal joined
the business

1993 Added Direct printing pastes for Tiles to its portfolio

2005 Added Decal Paste to our product Portfolio

2018 Achieved Annual Growth of over 20%


Our Vision

To establish Indian Ceramic House as an industry leader through innovative products, high standards in quality, a strong customer focus, a global distribution network, a commitment to its employees and the environment and a promise to run by the highest standard of ethics.