I began working at Indian Ceramic House in 1981. I never dreamt of doing anything else but make Liquid Gold and allied products .My passion and drive was fueled by the vision of making ICH a global company, whose products will be renowned for quality and consistency. Today, it makes me immensely happy that ICH is close to achieving my vision by aggressively investing in technology, personnel and systems to cater to client demands from across the globe.

Sunil AgarwalCEO & Managing Partner

Pioneers in PRECIOUS

A 3rd generation family business, gradually taking on industry leaders and established behemoths.

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From its humble beginnings catering to the glass bangle industry only in Firozabad in 1955, ICH today supplies solutions for the complete tableware and leather industry.

01. Precious Metal Colours

With a product portfolio encompassing over 200 products
for the tableware industry, ICH caters to clients across
the globe. Our unique production approach, allows us to make custom-made products for our customers to suit their firing cycles and ceramic bodies.

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02. Heat Transfers

Indian Ceramic House's latest screen-printing technology to produce heat release labels for textiles and leather products is a testament to the firm's continued focus and investment into breakthrough innovation. This technology enables manufacturers and designers to print labels with sharper resolutions, higher adhesion and better durability than labels manufactured by our competitors.

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03. Ceramic & Glass Colours

Indian Ceramic House has partnered with Izawa Pigment
Company from Japan to supply ceramic and glass colours
in India. Izawa’s pigments are premium and considered of the best quality in the world.

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